New Years Paleo Challenge 2013! – Get Ready!

New Year Paleo Challenge registration opens Wednesday, 5 December!

Paleo Challenge Kicks off 5 January.

What you’ll get:

  • The Paleo Challenge Kick Off Meeting. Learn how to lose weight and improve performance with the Paleo Diet.

  • Chance to win up to $2000 in cash and prizes.

  • Weekly “Stay on Track” Meetings Wednesday at 7pm. Live and online streaming.

  • Access to our Paleo Challenge Discussion Board where you can get your questions answered by a Coach.

  • The Paleo Potluck Finale Party. Try some of the contestants favorite Paleo dishes and show off your Paleo cooking skills!

  • In addition to cash prizes, you’ll have a chance to receive membership discounts, Potomac Crossfit Gift Certificates, and Business Partner Gift Certificates.

Kick Off Meeting, Before Pictures and Baseline Workout: 1:30pm-5:00pm Saturday, 5 Jan 2013 @ Patriot Crossfit

Finale Meeting, After Pictures, Final Workout, and Paleo Potluck: 1:30pm-5:00pm Saturday, 9 Feb 2013 @ Patriot Crossfit


  • One Day Special on 5 December: $49 Individual/$79 Couple*
  • Early Bird Special 6 December to 15 December: $65 Individual/$99 Couple*
  • 16 December and later: $89 Individual/$149 Couple*
  • *For couples purchase, just enter one name and email the second name to
    **Open to members and non-members.
    ***To be eligible for prizes, athletes must attend both kick off and finale meetings and complete all WODs and pictures.
    ****There will be no refunds once the Paleo Challenge commences on 5 Jan.

    For questions, post to comments below or email

11 comments for this entry:
  1. Brian PCF

    Good article on overcoming obesity and severe joint pain by moving from a semi-vegetarian diet to Paleo.

    Any former vegetarians out there have a similar experience?

  2. Mikey B.

    Brian, are the WODs in addition to or part of the regular PCF programing?

  3. Brian PCF

    Mikey, we do the Wods on the day of the kick off.

  4. Christy0530

    Can we submit our pix or do we have to disrobe in front of a cast of thousands ala Ben Hur?

  5. Brian PCF

    @Christy – I would much rather get photos submitted by the individual, only issue is that some of them are god awful. I’ll meditate on this.

  6. Danielle

    Brian – I was a vegetarian for 14 months. Coincidentally, that is during the time I went to physical therapy for my knees. I began eliminating foods this past August, but started a strict Paleo lifestyle in November. I can already notice a difference.

    Are the two mandatory WODs the two listed above? Or are there more?

    Also, for the before and after pictures, how far down will one be required to disrobe?

  7. Brian PCF

    @Danielle – good for you making the move from veggie to Paleo. Veg is a death sentence.

    The WODs will take place at the kick off and finale meetings.

    The pics will be whatever you want to show. Recommendation is swim suit or sports bra/shorts for gals. If you don’t want to do that, that’s ok, but it will be hard to give you a good score on the B/A pics if we can’t see what you looked like before.

    We’re also debating the idea of having you guys take your own pics at home and emailing them to me. More to follow on that.

  8. Karen B

    Brian- just my .02. I may be unusual in that I dont have the same modesty issues, but the picture process has not bothered me in the past, and it’s a lot easier than figuring out how to take a good picture on my cell phone. If you do have pics taken at home, I hope you keep the option of taking pictures at the kickoff.

  9. Christy0530

    Hi Brian,
    Will we be able to sign up for a time slot for the kick-off WOD on Sat Jan 5? I ask because I would like to come in for my time slot, WOD, and get on with my day. Altho I love the place and the people, being at the box for ~4 hours is not the best use of my Saturday. ;)

  10. Brian PCF

    @Christy – WODs are during the challenge. Everyone will do them together in heats.

  11. Christy0530

    Gotcha now, thanks Brian. I thought it was 1 WOD; now I see it is 3 WODs. :)

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